Military Working Dog Foundation, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization.
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Due to the enormous amount of inquiries and assistance by the public and law enforcement agencies around the United States, the Military Working Dog Foundation is temporarily suspending communications so that it can reply to the large amount of outstanding information and other requests.

Please remember, the Military Working Dog Foundation is not a government agency, but rather a 501c3 non-profit charity. We have no funding or say whatsoever in what police department or other law enforcement agency receives a dog for patrol/detection duties, nor do we have any say whatsoever in who receives a dog via the U.S. Military's adoption program.

One reason for our suspension in communications is due to the fact that we receive literally thousands of requests that need to be answered by several volunteers, which is very time-intensive. Also, since our inception, we have had various spam and other server email attacks which brought down our server. Because we receive no funding and very few donations to support our mission, we unfortunately must temporarily suspend our work until we catch up with the backlog of emails and we hopefully receive an increase in donations, so that we can pay for our expenses and provide support to deployed military handlers and local law enforcement. We thank you for your understanding. For those of you that have made donations, we greatly appreciate your generosity.

Military Working Dog "Bruno"

The Military Working Dog Foundation was established to provide a resource of information to law enforcement agencies who have a requirement to obtain working dogs, as well as for the public who wish to adopt dogs that become available from the military and need a home. In addition to assisting with the placement of prior military working dogs, it is our goal to aid deployed military working dogs and their handlers with 'comfort' supplies and law enforcement K-9 units with special gear whenever funds are available.

Periodically, these dogs become available for distribution to law enforcement agencies and local police departments. Some working dogs are made available for adoption to the public because they are no longer capable of performing their military duties. 

Military Working Dog Foundation
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